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Data Frenzy is a cloud based recruiting technology company founded in 1996

We continuously innovate software to drive efficiencies in Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing

Our focus is simple: help our clients attract and engage prospective candidates from where ever they visit on the web

Our results speak, and our clients attest: Data Frenzy attracts more candidates, leading to more placements We partner with our clients to understand unique challenges and develop software solutions

Evolving our technologies is an obsession and our passion

Many of our enterprise clients have been depended on us for over 10 years

Our core products of job distribution and resume searching have transformed to include a suite of recruitment marketing tools

We can post a job to virtually anywhere on the web, anywhere in the world, granularly track performance, and provide detailed analytics of views, clicks, applies and even placement revenue metrics tied to individual job spend

Our innovative resume sourcing tool provides our clients with competitive advantages; identifying candidates unbeknownst to competitors long before they have found even a few good matches