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Job Distribution AND Every Applicant into Your ATS
  • Embrace Technology to Increase Hires by 30%!
  • APIs to Receive Every Applicant from Job Boards, in Real-Time
  • All Applicants Inserted to ATS, Attached to Order, with Source Identified
  • Our Advanced Technologies Provide for Unique Reporting:
    • Compare ATS Placement Status with Job Board Cost of Applicant
    • Replace Job Board Volume Reports with True ROI (per Job)
    • Staffing Firms Derive ROI from Margin / Cost of Job Ad
    • Analytics Driving a Reduction in Ineffective Ad Spend
  • Modernize Recruiting Workflows with Automated Programmatic Applicant Screening
Migrate to THE Most Advanced SMS Platform for Recruiting.
  • Text Candidates Directly from Job Boards
  • Import Job Board Candidates into Your ATS (Attached to a Job)
    • The Most Advanced ATS Integration:
    • Never Leave Your ATS to Send / Receive Texts
    • Receive Real-Time Notifications of New Texts in Your ATS
    • Collaborative Texting History Visible to All Users
  • Leverage SMS to Address Inefficiencies of Applicant Screening:
    • Send Personalized Text Instantly Upon Receipt
    • Engage Applicants While on Job Boards (and Interested)
    • 40% of Applicants Unresponsive
      • Focus on Interested & Qualified to Increase Hires
  • Rapid Transition for ZipWhip Texting Customers
Career Site Job Search Hosting
  • Increase Applicants by 50% with a Modern, Search & Apply Optimized, Mobile Site
  • Google for Jobs Integration:
    • API Integrations to Post / Update Jobs on Google for Jobs
    • "Quick Apply" Technologies:
      • Increase Job Seeker Traffic to Your Career Site
      • Increase Applications by 50%
  • Website Chatbot to Engage & Convert Job Seekers into Job Applicants
  • Real-Time Sync of Jobs Posted via ATS

Hire Qualified Candidates

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